Romancing Saga 3 - Welcome

Welcome to this page dedicated to Romancing Saga 3 on Super Famicom.

This is an attempt to gather in one place all resources on RS3
and to give a fresh, encompassing, visual approach of this excellent game.

I'll mainly cross-reference, re-order everything, double-check what I can
and make walkthroughs & walkthrough maps from screenshots along the way.

This site is best viewed on a real PC (it's not exactly portable devices-friendly, sorry).

Started on May 26, 2019, and roughly finished on August 30, 2019.

I am very far from knowing everything about RS3:
suggestions and corrections are most welcome:


2019, May 26: start
2019, June 22-July 23: pause
2019, July 24: on it
2019, August 30: roughly finished
Various corrections & additions, small and large, at various dates.
Last update: 2019, November 20. On break until December 13.